False Alarms…TONIGHT

“False Alarms” will air tonight at 11pm on WECT and again tomorrow on CIM. This will likely be my last investigative report this year…I’m leaving tomorrow for Africa and will be gone until mid-December.

I asked both city and county public safety offices for data on how many false alarms their teams respond to each year. The WPD gets a big pat on the back for giving me data from the last FOUR years.

I don’t like it when newscasts tell their viewers that something will “surprise” them (the phrase tends to be overused)…but I was genuinely surprised to see these figures. 99% of all alarm calls the WPD goes on are false alarms.

We looked into how much they’re costing public safety departments and ultimately, *you*, the tax payer. We also found that it’s not just the WPD that’s affected by false alarms.

I hope this story draws attention to an issue that drains money from our county and city public safety budgets each year. This is something that alarm owners can change with a little more personal responsibility and accountability.

I may not be around after this story airs to field responses and emails from this story…I will be stuck on a plane for 24 hours. But you are always welcome to shoot me an email (croman@wect.com) or leave a comment here and I will do my best to find a computer out in the African wilderness!


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