Carolina Beach Drowing: October 10th

A friend told me to take a look at an ad posted on Witness To Drowning. This is the second time I’ve seen someone in our community reach out for help on this website….someone who feels like public safety officials have not done enough to investigate. This could be something we see more of in the future…people taking crime solving into their own hands, doing their own research?

Her name is Cindy Marshall and her father, John David Midgett, drowned on Saturday October 10th in Carolina Beach. We did not cover this. Probably because we have only 1 weekend reporter and again, we only find out about things if people call the station and report them.

Cindy is looking for anyone who can help her find more information about what happened that morning, she’s looking for closure and says she’s not getting what she needs from local public safety officials. She also lives in Florida know which compounds her ability to make much headway here.

She says her father and his friend were boating near the 1st set of  buoys in the Carolina Beach inlet when a large wave hit the boat and knocked them overboard. Apparently, 2 jet skiers responded and another boat assisted by calling out a Mayday. The boat loaded her father onboard and brought him to the boat ramp.

She says that a deputy came and loaded her father into the bed of his truck (I guess this is what witness told her…) and took him to a location off-site to be picked up by an ambulance. She says that emergency vehicles never came to the scene to try to revive him but says that witnesses told her he had a pulse and was murmuring when they pulled him to shore.

She says her father was in good health and only had an issue with arthritis in his shoulder.

She says she’s concerned over a lack of formal investigation into what happened that day and says that someone has “dropped the ball.” She also says her family was never notified by officials. They heard it through a family friend.

The boat that brought him to shore was called the “Fish Bucket”…ever heard of it? Maybe you know the names of the jet skiers?

I’m going to try to find the police report and see what information the Coast Guard and Carolina Beach police may have. In the meantime, she’s hoping that someone can offer her more information about what happened that day.

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