If You Live In The Ogden Area…This Is For You.

I had put together a story about the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority in the Ogden area…and then our entire computer system here at WECT crashed and every ounce of video I have shot over the past year…was erased. Since we are short staffed right now (that’s putting it mildly) I dont have time to re-shoot so I’ll try to put as much information on here as I can. If you have friends in that area…pass it on.

Many homes in that area still use water softeners…and still shell out about $40 per bag of salt and > $400 when the softener needs to be replaced. Having soft water is a matter of preference. I grew up with hard water, there’s nothing wrong with it, except for that minerals tend to build up in your hair, your clothes are a little harder to whiten and its tough to get soap to ‘sud.’

I got a call from a young couple in Ogden whose softener recently broke. They called the CFPUA with a question about it and were surprised when the technician told them they didn’t actually need one anymore. Why? Because soon the new nanofiltration water treatment plant was coming online for that area and it would make water softening obsolete.

That would be great news…except this couple had *just* shelled out $450 for a brand new softener and were irritated that they were given no notice (according to them) by the CFPUA that the softener wasn’t necessary. Furthermore, if you continue to use a softener (double softening) you may erode your piping if you have older metal plumbing.

Of course, I called the CFPUA about this…they did not want to do an interview. They said they had done their due dilegence in getting the word out and they sent me the media press releases to prove it. Indeed, we had run a little blurb about it on WECT. However, when I drove around some of the area neighborhoods knocking on doors, I couldn’t find anyone who had gotten the message.

So hear me now…if you have metal plumbing you probably do NOT want to be double softening your water. No matter WHERE you live…get in touch with your utility provider to find out if they are already softening your water. You can also buy a kit at most local hardwear stores to test the “softness” yourself.

Remember, soft water is a preference. If you find you have heard water, you dont *need* to soften it.

I had heard a rumor that double softening causes bacteria growth in pipes. According to a UNCW biologist…it really is…just a rumor. If you have bacteria in your pipes its probably coming from somewhere in your plumbing and not from the treated water that runs in from the utility company.

Look into this before you pay hundreds for another softener!


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  1. Interesting article, I sent it to a few people that live in that area. 😉

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