The Soles Saga Continues…

We’ve been doing our best to stay on top of this Tabor City debacle…it hasn’t been easy. For one thing…Tabor City isn’t exactly right around the corner. In addition, we’ve yet to find credible whistle blower to give credible information that connects all the dots.

As you’ve seen, we’ve tried to speak directly with Soles and with the young men involved. Soles has done two interviews with us and so has Strickland. B.J. Wright tried to scare reporter Lynda Figueredo off his property, then changed his mind and did an off-camera interview. B.J. told Lynda that it was Kyle Blackburn who was about to assault the Senator Sunday evening. Yesterday, Lynda went to find Blackburn…

It wasn’t clear where Blackburn lived, the police report had an old address on it. Lynda and Chief Photog Ryan Koresko asked neighbors around Tabor City if they knew where to find Blackburn. Ryan says there was STEEP tension. Everyone brushed them off, told them to go away…get off their property. The stress is high in this community which may show just how much of a presence Soles has.

Soles, his family…and the family money…is deeply entrenched in this community. Soles is quite open about his desire to financially help many of these families. When we spoke with Strickland, we asked him if he had any plans to get a job. He replied, “No, because he’s (Soles) always been there for me.” 

Lynda eventually tracked down Kyle Blackburn yesterday. He lives in a new trailor in the middle of an overgrown patch of land. He was with his girlfriend who we have reason to believe was also with these boys on Sunday when they kicked down the door of Soles’ home.

Much of the dialogue between Lynda and Blackburn happened through his closed front door. He made a very blunt comment to Lynda about how…er…”appealing” he found her. If I give any more details I’ll probably get in trouble…it wasn’t exactly an appropriate comment…

That was about the extent of the interaction. He yelled to her that B.J. was lying. He never came outside.

We hoped to get more from the District Attorney Rex Gore. This case is in the hands of the State Bureau of Investigation which closes up much of our access to information. But SOME comment? ANYTHING? Nope! We got an email from Gore that he will have no further comment…

(**reporters grit teeth in frustration**)

The saga continues…


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