Swine Flu at UNCW?

There has been concern over an alleged swine flu (H1N1) outbreak on UNCW’s campus.

 WECT has received numerous phone calls of worry that cases of infected students are multiplying through the dorms and classrooms. This morning I spoke with a staff member of their student medical center who clarified the situation. Indeed they have seen a recent uptick in the number of students coming down with a “bug.” Something “going around” is not uncommon at the start of a school year with so many new students sharing rooms, bathrooms, books, etc. However, the University did say that what seems to be “going around” appears to pack a punch.

So is it the dreaded swine flu?

Maybe. Maybe not.

The Center for Disease control has recommended that health care professionals stop testing for H1N1. The virus is NO more severe than traditional flu. In fact, over 13,000 people die every year from flu….swine flu has proven itself far more innocuous than its yearly counterpart. Testing is expensive and ultimately both types of flu are handled the same way. Testing is racking up major bill$ for health care providers and whatever the result is…patients are treated the same.

For the calls we have received claiming that swine flu is spreading throughout campus…that can simply not be the case unless a student has been hospitalized, admitted tested and confirmed….by the STATE. UNCW has not diagnosed anyone with swine flu because they are not testing for it. They are treating any sick kids as though they had flu with the necessary remedy: rest, isolation…time.

Isolation may be the hardest part of clearing out whatever is “going around” at UNCW. Dorm rooms don’t exactly allot space. The University says they highly recommend staying home from classes and doing your best to keep to yourself. Cough into your sleeve and WASH YOUR HANDS. Honestly, I started a 30 second hot soapy water regime a few years ago (and repeat throughout the day) and I RARELY get sick.

So hear ye, hear ye. If you hear rumors of rampant outbreaks of swine flu…unless that person went to the hospital…you cannot confirm that they have it. Lets not create hysteria. If anyone has more information or questions get in touch with us.


Casey Roman

WECT Investigative Reporter


News Room: (910) 791.6681 http://www.wect.com http://www.wsfx.com


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