The Phone Gets Reinvented…Again.

I can’t keep up with phone technology. (1) The effort is expensive and (2) no one in my circle of friends could care less about my new gadget and (3) technology is moving towards ways to be MORE connected and quite frankly…I don’t want my boss and relatives to have easier ways to find me!  But I understand that in some social circles, these technological advancements are exciting and so…here’s a preview of Google’s latest contraption: Google Voice.

Google Voice lets you use one new phone number to tie together your various numbers: cellphone, home phone, business line. If your buddy calls your Google Voice number….ALL phones ring and you decide which one to answer. You also get the same voice mail…on all phones.

Google announced Google Voice in March. It is rolling it out gradually to people who request a number. Google has already received tens of thousands of requests. You can actually bid for an invite for almost $100 on eBay.  

You can register at, a response is promised within “a few weeks.” 

Google has NOT applied this to the iPhone but its in the works.

Note that you have to contact everyone in your “contacts list” and tell them to start calling the Google Voice number. Otherwise, your cell phone will just ring as usual. 

I’d be curious to know if any of you are using this. It sounds like a nightmare to have every phone ring at once. I actually like stratifying my phone calls…family and friends: personal cell; viewers and bosses: work cell; home landline: telemarketers and bill collectors (and occasionally…a psychic).

If I wanted them all to call to one device…wouldn’t I just get ONE phone?


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