I’m Sorry…I Have to Pay EXTRA To Enter My Hotel Room??!!

Seeing how and where the travel industry has buried fees into your vacation bill is always a fun find after a relaxing stay. Sometimes I just wish that they would stick those extra costs into the total price so I don’t get that “surprise” at the end. In fact, I once asked United Airways why they didn’t do that…she said, in order to remain competitive, they want customers to see low fairs online and go right for those. If they bury the fees, their prices will look comparatively high versus other airlines.

 Hotels have jumped on the fee bandwagon and as you travel out this summer…be on the lookout and ASK questions before you take your room key…

 Get familiar with some of these phrases: room tax, resort fee, parking fee and yes, even an “occupancy fee.”

 I’m sorry…you want to charge me extra for occupying that room? Is there any other alternative? Didn’t think so…

 Hilton is said to charge an occupancy tax even when guests had canceled their room reservations. There are fees for early departure and fees for checked baggage. Use Hotelchatter.com to scan through some of the “hidden” hotel fees for things such as hospitality, use of a facility’s fitness center and more.

USA Today also has a list

  • Hawaii: The hotel room tax is 8.25 percent…9.25 percent in July 2010.
  • Nevada: The room tax is creeping up to a maximum of 12 percent. In Las Vegas, the hotel tax jumps from 9 percent to 12 percent. Reno’s tax is already 12 percent.
  • New Hampshire: The tax on rooms and restaurant meals is now up to 9 percent and now includes recreational vehicles at campgrounds.
  • Massachusetts: Cities now have authority to raise the hotel tax from 4 percent to 6 percent…that’s ON TOP of the state tax of 5.7 percent. Taxes on eating out will rise from 5 percent to 6.25 percent statewide, plus another 0.75 percent if cities choose.
  • New York City: The city raised its hotel tax in March to 14.25 percent and will start charging more for Internet reservations.

Car rentals are not immune. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that rental companies are tacking on terminal and fuel charges. Here are some car rental tips related to hidden costs

So before you swipe…actually, before you DECIDE where you are staying….ask what the final, the TOTAL cost is, all fees included and then make your final destination decision…

Thank you Al Poynter for the inspiration behind this article.


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