“Could Your Post Office Be Closing?”

“Could Your Post Office Be Closing?”

The United States Post Office is looking to lock the doors on about 3,200 office and retail outlets as volume and revenue decline.

I can’t remember the last time I wrote a letter…and if a bill never found its way to me again…I don’t think I’d complain. In fact, given the ubiquity of post office, this probably doesn’t seem like something you’d care about…until it becomes YOUR post office.

The USPS has a multi-BILLION dollar deficit. Over the next three months, their 34,000 stores will be up for review to assess where consolidations are necessary.

Email, electronic bill paying and the recession has shrunk the mail stream…a good part of its bulk having previously come from advertising mail.

Postmaster General John Potter recently asked Congress in March to chop Saturday off the service block. Savings = $3.5 BILLION.

Would anyone really care if they didn’t get the mail on Saturday? It doesn’t seem so…a recent Gallop poll found more Americans would rather see fewer services than see the USPS get a bailout or raise stamp prices.

We don’t know yet which offices may be up for closure. Legally, the Postal Service has to give at least 2 months notice to a community before closure. In addition, they will often send out a survey or have a town hall meeting before a closure. A city will have an opportunity then to argue why their post office must be saved (the next one is too far away…many jobs will be lost…everyone own Netflix? Etc etc). That appeal will go to the Postal Regulatory Commission.

If the USPS can’t figure out a way to save cash now, Postal Chief John Potter says they will go broke this year. (well….that makes two of us John…)

If you really just adore your post office…and can’t fathom living without it…you can show your support by sending out dozens of letters a day…and getting every person you know to do the same…

But at $0.44 per envelope or more…I doubt we’ll see many wide-spread ‘community bailouts’…


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