“Orbits”..and A Bill That Will Jack Up YOUR Bills

Given that Iran is in crisis, North Carolina is in state budget limbo, the stock market is teetering again and unemployment numbers still rising…I do not have much interest in discussing pop-star deaths at length today. Although, I can promise…even though the crew has yet to arrive this morning…that those stories will lead our newscast today. However there is one tid-bit I have found interesting…that I just learned yesterday from our Executive Producer…a little piece of “behind the scenes” news info as to how a news station works…

Maybe you didn’t notice…but within minutes of announcing Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett’s deaths…the network news stations were airing memorial video stories. I know how long it takes to edit something like that..its not easy! So I was amazed that they were able to slap something like that together so quickly.

Apparently, every news network keeps an archive or “orbits”…video obituaries for major public figures (i.e. celebrities) on hand and when one of them dies…all they have to do is hit play. Our executive producer here told me that someone has the duty of updating them yearly to keep the content fresh.

I wonder who has that job? The obituary news duty….

Just a little insight into how news works…I may be the only person who finds that interesting…


Anyways…there is a bill that’s being discussed in the House today and this is news that IS important…

U.S. House Democratics are hoping for a quick passage of a carbon cap-and-trade law that they say is critical to thwarting greenhouse gases and restoring our country’s image globally. 

Moderates are not that excited…because this bill could start jacking up YOUR bills.

What is “cap-and-trade?” Cap-and-trade limits the amount of carbon that manufacturers and energy producers can emit. If they exceed their limit, they would have to buy credits from those who are UNDER their cap.

The idea is to create free-market trading in carbon credits.

Easier said than done says the American Institute for Economic Research, an independent group. They say that in places where cap-and-trade already exists…the market for carbon credits is less than impressive.  

They also say that the bill could double the price of natural gas, fuel used to heat homes. Electricity costs could rise more than 100 percent in the Midwest. I’m not sure yet what the impact would be in N.C. yet….

But here’s an impact you’ll all care about….gasoline and diesel fuel prices could go up nearly an estimated $1 per gallon just from the effects of this bill, driving up the cost of any good that is delivered by truck or train…read: most every consumer product.

This bill may come at a major cost for you…me…and every other American. However…we are also going to pay a major cost for environmental destruction and natural resource depletion in the near future if we can’t get a grip on it NOW…..


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