“People Are Scumbags”…and Double Shots, Double Charges…

RE: Wilmington Apartment Employee Loses Job

Wow! Pages and pages of feedback from viewers on this story…you can see them on the bottom of the above link.

I think in the future…there will be many more stories like this. “Privacy” and the “Internet” are two words that probably DON’T belong in the same sentence. That may not always be true…those who are Internet savvy know how to utilize privacy tools to keep what they write and post out of the ‘public’s eye.’ The employee at Market North…who claims ownership over the “People Are Scumbags” quote…must not have been aware?

She must not have…because she also put her cell phone number and address on a wedding registry page which is how reporter Claire Simms got in touch with her. Claire said that she seemed surprised that we were able to reach her. In fact, this woman’s fiance told Claire, that they try to keep their cell numbers just between their family and friends. FYI…posting that information on the web makes you ‘family and friends’ with millions and millions of people….

Just for fun (and as a safety measure)…go to Google and type in your name with “quotation marks” around it. You can scan through any information about yourself that has ended up online. You will either be relieved…or terrified after this exercise.

When Claire originally contacted the employee…she would not go on camera. EVERYONE…we know that an on camera interview is intimidating…but we can’t tell your side of the story FOR YOU and it often does NOT look complimentary to go M.I.A.

After the story aired…she decided to get in touch…here is what she said…and to cover my own behind…the last sentence in her letter reads: “Feel free to quote what you wish.” (and so I am…) 

The intro decries our broadcast and she begins to explain some of her comments….

“During property inspections we walk into some very nasty units…picture walking into a unit with roaches and opening a closet door and having one fall on your head….opening a door handle and having some unknown substance come off on your hand….dealing with mildew up to the ceiling….walking into a unit that smells like such body soil that it’s hard to breathe normally without feeling the urge to vomit.  All of this is a result of poor housekeeping.  All of the residents at Market North apartments are not poor housekeepers, but the small number of them that are, make property inspections entirely disgusting to have to take part in.  I will apologize for the generalization as not all of the residents are dirty or scummy.  I will not apologize for being grossed out and posting something on a page that at the time, I had no idea that anyone other than my personal friends and family could look at.  As for it being during company time, I am allowed 1 lunch break and two 15 minute breaks a day.  So for me to check personal accounts did not seem to be a horrible violation to me.  Have you never done anything personal on your work computer?” She then goes on to say that we did not get the full story…and that Rebecca Rivenbark had an axe to grind…

“…We are not friends, she had no reason to look at my page.  She was in the process of being evicted by the property manager for misconduct.  She has, on numerous occasions entered the office and yelled and screamed at office staff….On one occasion she became irate and was screaming obscenities and was told to vacate the office.  She did so and came back and began kicking and banging on the office door (then locked for safety reasons) and began calling office staff “Coward A$$e$,” and my personal favorite “Drug Addict W*****.”   


“…I do no deny that I should have made sure my page was secure and unable to be looked at by those who were not intended to see such posts.  I do think that it is a sad state of affairs that you felt it was necessary to broadcast this and ultimately cost me my livlihood.  And why? Probably because it mentioned Facebook and Facebook is great news!!!!  And a week before my wedding at that!!!  The happiest day of my life has now been overshadowed by uncertainty and fear.”


She then goes on to say that she will never watch us again, etc. etc.


I found this story on MSNBC….”Starbucks double-charges a million customers”

If you think you are being over charged at Starbucks ANYWAY…this should peak your interest….


Starbucks “accidentally charged as many as one million customers TWICE for their purchases” over Memorial Day weekend. The company acknowledged the error and says they are working to reimburse “all impacted customers.”

If you used a debit or credit card on Friday, May 22, and part of Saturday, May 23…check your bank statement…about 1 million of you will see an error. (WHAT?! Latte = $10.50??!!!) Don’t check your receipt though! The receipt showed the correct amount…charges went into double duty when accounts were settled at the end of the day.

Customers should have seen a credit applied to their accounts by May 29…but Starbucks says they’ve had some customers call whose accounts were not fixed.



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