When To Pee…

Lets start Thursday off with a little humor….

There are two things that never fail at making you feel like you need to find the bathroom…(1) the sound of running water and (2) the moment you sit down inside a movie theater.

Now…you’ve just shelled out $10 bucks for the next 90 minutes of entertainment…$30 if you dared to purchase anything at the snack bar…so its only natural that you feel committed to staying put…no matter the urge…so not to miss a single second of the movie. Murphy’s Law says: “The second you get up to pee…you will miss the best scene.” (or something like that…)

Not to worry…I have found a solution: RunPee.com

This site is hysterical…on the left sidebar it lists the latest movies and marks off the time intervals in which you are safe to…uh…go to the powder room. You can also add your own suggested times.

I only found one error…for the movie “Obsessed” it says you can take a break at 51 minutes in…I disagree…I think you can pretty much sit in the bathroom for the ENTIRE movie and get more for your money.

The site may also serve as its own movie ratings system…for instance, “X-Men” has THREE bathroom breaks…while “The Soloist” has none…one might hypothesize that “The Soloist” is a better flick…not much you will want to miss.

I don’t know who created this site…but they are true humanitarians…good people who started an initiative to help you enjoy your over-priced movies AND relieve your bladder…at the same time. We thank you RunPee.com.



I’m still trying to get up with the consultant of the Wilson Family Day Care center…and I’m still not getting through. If she didn’t live up in New Bern I’d be at her doorstep…

The crew wont be in for another hour now…hope to have more later after they hit the streets…


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