Update: Day Care

I just spoke with Jinx Keenan, child abuse program manager from the state DSS office….she is sending me the last consultant report on Wilson Family Day Care.

She told me the facility was shut down this morning. That has been a concern of ours…when photographer Ryan and I arrived…there was no sign or notice on the door and we were concerned that we would see kids in the home. We didn’t see any kids…but we also didn’t see a sign. We arrived around 3pm.

The DSS office in Duplin said that the consultants visit a few times per year to check on home care facilities. Jinx corrected that just now…she says that consultants make ONE unannounced visit per year.

The Wilson’s were last inspected on July 29th, 2008. There were violations in their last report but it was for things like not keeping soap out of reach and a missing refrigerator thermometer…no mention of guns or drugs…

Let me share this website with our parents…although…given the current situation we’ve encountered…I’m not sure how much help it will do…because there weren’t any major red lights under the Wilson’s report…

But here’s the site…it helps you look up licensed day cares in your area, and lists any infractions:



I think the larger question here is ‘where is the oversight?’ Yes…these providers DO go through a licensing process…but everyone is on their best behavior when someone is watching…after that…is once a year enough ‘checking up’ to keep these facilities up to par (and safe!)? Do we fund these state programs enough to keep enough consultants in the field?Is this just one of those awful things that just happens…or has it happened in North Carolina before?

I’ll keep asking DSS…if there are any questions you have…let me know…


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