Duplin Day Care Nightmare

All of my information on the Wilson’s came from Alcohol Law Enforcement Agent Kenneth Simma. He showed us the stash which they had rounded up at 12:10am this past Saturday. He said it was after a month long investigation..during which they realized that they were dealing with a day care.

Because of that…they used extra care when approaching the house. The day care was a 24 hour operation, when needed….agents say they were concerned about creating a hazardous environments if there were in fact kids inside…luckily…no one else was there.

Wilson Family Day Care has been operating since August 11, 2005 and is rated as having 3 out of 5 stars by the state department of DSS. I asked who was accountable for keeping an eye on the maintenance and daily operations of these at-home day cares….Margrette Keenan at Duplin’s DSS said that state hired consultants are responsible. The consultant for Wilson Family Day Care is Connie Bass who is said to visit 2-3 times per year. I will be calling her tomorrow….

Margrette had nothing but kind words for the Wilson’s..they came highly recommended. I was most surprised that NO ONE at Duplin County DSS had heard of this bust. I don’t know what the line of communication is…perhaps the Sheriff’s office went straight to the state…but it was certainly news to them! Whatever the case…parents who used the Wilson’s day care need to contact their local DSS or their social worker to find a prompt replacement. Margrette assured me that all children will be given new care givers…

 Here is a list of the charges that Johnnie is facing…he was brought to the jail on a $5,500 bond and later released…

  1. Possession of a weapon of mass destruction (this is a felony…it’s the sawed off shotgun)
  2. Simple possession of marijuana seeds (< .5 ounce)
  3. Possession of drug paraphernalia
  4. Possession of non-tax paying liquor (moonshine)
  5. Possession of alcohol with the purpose of sale without an ABC permit
  6. Selling alcohol without a permit

 Johnnie works at the post office and apparently has no criminal background.

 Here is a list of the charges that Judy is facing…she was released after citation….

  1. Possession of non-tax paying liquor
  2. Possession of alcohol with the purpose of sale without an ABC permit
  3. Selling alcohol without a permit

 Agent Simma says that it would be a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail…but get this…its probably just going to be fines…..

 The guns were locked up in a safe inside the home…they were not in reach of the children.

 Agent Simma was more concerned about what these kids could have been exposed to:

“The majority of the people that frequent illegal alcohol establishments…they are people who engage in illegal narcotics activity, possession of fire arms…and for the most part have criminal records.” Remember…these sales were going on WHILE kids were there.

 The mother I spoke with on scene would not identify herself but was adamant that this was all some sort of misunderstanding.

 Judy answered the door when I wrang….as you saw she just said “no comment” and shut the door. That’s when her neighbors and other parents started coming in…defending her. Everyone had great things to say about her. One man made it his duty to try to intimidate me off the premises….he just kept asking if I had a license for “what I’m doing.”

 Yes sir…I have a license to report situations like this…and until the owner tells me to leave…I stay put.

 I’ll be back with updates as they come.


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