“Could Your Post Office Be Closing?”

“Could Your Post Office Be Closing?”

The United States Post Office is looking to lock the doors on about 3,200 office and retail outlets as volume and revenue decline.

I can’t remember the last time I wrote a letter…and if a bill never found its way to me again…I don’t think I’d complain. In fact, given the ubiquity of post office, this probably doesn’t seem like something you’d care about…until it becomes YOUR post office.

The USPS has a multi-BILLION dollar deficit. Over the next three months, their 34,000 stores will be up for review to assess where consolidations are necessary.

Email, electronic bill paying and the recession has shrunk the mail stream…a good part of its bulk having previously come from advertising mail.

Postmaster General John Potter recently asked Congress in March to chop Saturday off the service block. Savings = $3.5 BILLION.

Would anyone really care if they didn’t get the mail on Saturday? It doesn’t seem so…a recent Gallop poll found more Americans would rather see fewer services than see the USPS get a bailout or raise stamp prices.

We don’t know yet which offices may be up for closure. Legally, the Postal Service has to give at least 2 months notice to a community before closure. In addition, they will often send out a survey or have a town hall meeting before a closure. A city will have an opportunity then to argue why their post office must be saved (the next one is too far away…many jobs will be lost…everyone own Netflix? Etc etc). That appeal will go to the Postal Regulatory Commission.

If the USPS can’t figure out a way to save cash now, Postal Chief John Potter says they will go broke this year. (well….that makes two of us John…)

If you really just adore your post office…and can’t fathom living without it…you can show your support by sending out dozens of letters a day…and getting every person you know to do the same…

But at $0.44 per envelope or more…I doubt we’ll see many wide-spread ‘community bailouts’…


“Medical Muzzle”

A viewer sent me an article from “Angie’s List” called “Medical Muzzle”…its an interesting read and I found important information inside that we should all look out for…

The question the writer raises is “Do you think patients have a right to speak about their experiences -good, bad or otherwise-to whomever they like? Or do you think doctors have a right to privacy that overrules patients’ rights to free speech?”

“Review” boards can be found everywhere on the web. For example, I know if I’m looking for a restaurant/mechanic/electronics, etc…I will type in a business name into Google along with “review.” Websites like epinions.com or Angieslist.com will pop up…sites were consumers sound off with their personal experiences with a business.

Now people are using that same medium to rate and review their doctors…in response, there are some medical clinics that are issuing “gag orders” to keep their patients silent.

The order is a 1 page contract added to all the other paperwork a patient receives. The patient must “refrain from directly or indirectly publishing or airing commentary” about the doctor and/or care received. If you do…the doctor has the right to sue for damages. Currently, no lawsuits have been filed…yet.

A company called “Medical Justice” out of Greensboro N.C. was incorporated in 2001 by neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey Segal to help protect doctors against what Segal calls ‘frivolous malpractice lawsuits.’ In 2007 they started offering these “gag order” contracts in order to protect physician’s good name.

The article points out that even doctors have bad days…and one bad review can poison the pot. Lawyers that Angie’s List spoke to said these contracts wont hold much weight against First Amendment rights.

The article says that as word spread about these gag orders…there’s been an unexpected effect….MORE people are posting online comments about doctors. (Probably because now they’re finding out they CAN). Health care reports jumped 50% on AngiesList.com between January and March.

I’d be curious to know if any of you have encountered a “gag order” here in our area…or if you’re using boards like Angie’s List to sound off about your medical experiences….

Here’s an idea of what one of these “reviews” looks like…this is for a Dr. in our area:

Work Completed Date: December 04, 2008

Use this Provider Again: Yes

Description of Experience: Bi-annual teeth cleaning and examination. Also has filled a cavity.
Member Comments: 
When you walk into his office, it is clear that he has money. The waiting area is very posh, there are massage chairs in the exam rooms, etc. They seem to be more about cosmetic dentistry – veneers, Zoom, etc. They give you a rose on your first visit (women), and an assistant will stroke your arm during a procedure. I don’t like all of the added things, but he was recommended by a friend. I haven’t had much work done, but what he has done has been fine. They did take impressions of my husband without asking first.

N.C. Education Lottery…Here’s Where the $ Goes.

Some of you have asked where the $$$ in our Education Lottery is going. As you know…Bev Perdue was in town this week speaking about the budget’s impact on education. As you also know…she will be ALSO be asking for 1.5 Billion in state-wide taxes to cover the deficit.

I requested to see the budgets from the lottery…I have the proposed budget for next year, if you can’t zoom in…I can email it to you….Budget For 2010Budget 2010





As of Tuesday…the FY09 total is $385.5 million—the amount budgeted by the Legislature.  After next week…after a funds transfer to the Office of State Budget and Management…the total for the year will be greater than the amount budgeted—meaning they are one revenue source OVER budget.  So far this year lottery sales have been $1.273 BILLION.

Here is the general breakdown for every budget:

57% goes to prize payout

32% to education

7% to retail commissions and 4% to administration. 

4% to admin…I wanted to hear more about that…I was told that 1.599% goes to gaming vendor, 1% to advertising and the rest goes to staff, building, vehicles, training, travel, etc.

Proceeds from the lottery are transferred to the Office of State Budget and Management. The lottery is not responsible for where the money goes after that…I will keep looking to find out.

This link: http://www.schoolclearinghouse.org/ will show you how our counties use some of their lottery money on construction projects.

According to the lottery…100% of the funds go to education program funding and support.

Perhaps taxpayers can hope with the budget being OVER revenue…that you might not be asked for ALL that 1.5 Billion dollar state-wide tax increase…part of which Perdue wants to use to keep teachers in the classroom…

You might have to ‘hope’…very hard…

Its my understanding that there’s considerable push-back in the Senate…who think a 900 million state-wide increase is more realistic.

Stay tuned….

“Orbits”..and A Bill That Will Jack Up YOUR Bills

Given that Iran is in crisis, North Carolina is in state budget limbo, the stock market is teetering again and unemployment numbers still rising…I do not have much interest in discussing pop-star deaths at length today. Although, I can promise…even though the crew has yet to arrive this morning…that those stories will lead our newscast today. However there is one tid-bit I have found interesting…that I just learned yesterday from our Executive Producer…a little piece of “behind the scenes” news info as to how a news station works…

Maybe you didn’t notice…but within minutes of announcing Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett’s deaths…the network news stations were airing memorial video stories. I know how long it takes to edit something like that..its not easy! So I was amazed that they were able to slap something like that together so quickly.

Apparently, every news network keeps an archive or “orbits”…video obituaries for major public figures (i.e. celebrities) on hand and when one of them dies…all they have to do is hit play. Our executive producer here told me that someone has the duty of updating them yearly to keep the content fresh.

I wonder who has that job? The obituary news duty….

Just a little insight into how news works…I may be the only person who finds that interesting…


Anyways…there is a bill that’s being discussed in the House today and this is news that IS important…

U.S. House Democratics are hoping for a quick passage of a carbon cap-and-trade law that they say is critical to thwarting greenhouse gases and restoring our country’s image globally. 

Moderates are not that excited…because this bill could start jacking up YOUR bills.

What is “cap-and-trade?” Cap-and-trade limits the amount of carbon that manufacturers and energy producers can emit. If they exceed their limit, they would have to buy credits from those who are UNDER their cap.

The idea is to create free-market trading in carbon credits.

Easier said than done says the American Institute for Economic Research, an independent group. They say that in places where cap-and-trade already exists…the market for carbon credits is less than impressive.  

They also say that the bill could double the price of natural gas, fuel used to heat homes. Electricity costs could rise more than 100 percent in the Midwest. I’m not sure yet what the impact would be in N.C. yet….

But here’s an impact you’ll all care about….gasoline and diesel fuel prices could go up nearly an estimated $1 per gallon just from the effects of this bill, driving up the cost of any good that is delivered by truck or train…read: most every consumer product.

This bill may come at a major cost for you…me…and every other American. However…we are also going to pay a major cost for environmental destruction and natural resource depletion in the near future if we can’t get a grip on it NOW…..

Behind The Camera: Maisenhelder

Let’s get something clear about the “unfair,” “biased,” and “slanted media” accusations that are being tossed at WECT’s coverage of the Maisenhelder story.

I think what happened to reporter Lynda Figueredo and Chief photographer Ryan Koresko in the court room yesterday provides a good example of how trying to show “both sides”…is extremely difficult.

First…our cameras were NOT allowed in the courtroom. I’m not the only person in this newsroom that thinks that that policy is RIDICULOUS.  Even Maisenhelder’s attorney, Woody White, asked the bailiff for camera access. The judge denied the request.

Lynda sat inside the courtroom while Ryan waited outside. Ryan says that there were about 100 supporters of Maisenhelder who came to the courthouse. Ryan overheard many complaints about “the media” not covering Maisenhelder’s “side.” So Ryan ASKED them for comment….TELL US why you think Maisenhelder is innocent of these charges….TELL US why you think these accusations are false…TELL US something!

Ryan asked a room full of supporters if ANYONE would say a word…the response? A few people said they wantedto give comment…but the attorney had asked them not to…for fear that it would interfere with the trial. (I’m not sure how a comment supporting their friend would damage a trial..but I am not an attorney…). Others said they were so upset that no one was speaking up for Maisenhelder but they would not be the ones to do so.

A few desks down…I can hear Lynda on the phone as I type…asking people to make an on-camera comment for Maisenhelder’s “side”…and no one is agreeing.

Last night, Claire Simms received a phone call from one of Maisenhelder’s family friends, Steve Hertz. Steve also said that he was upset that no one was speaking out for Maisenhelder…but he WOULD. So Claire and photographer Justin West drove out to Porter’s Neck to meet Mr. Hertz. Then Mr. Hertz got a phone call…and suddenly changed his mind…citing “the family’s wishes.” 

Maisenhelder’s family would not answer Claire’s questions at the Sheriff’s Office. 

 I read the comments on our website being left by both citizens and friends of Maisenhelder…many of which accuse us of “biased journalism.” Unfortunately, we can’t report on “the other side” if no one will give it. We have reported on, and posted every correspondence that Maisenhelder’s attorney has sent us…but as of right now…that’s all we have to work off of.

We have updated and reported on every judicial action taken in this case. We have reported what the attorney has said. We haven’t reported on what all of these supporters of Maisenhelder are saying…because they’re NOT talking.

There is an open door for comment….

Scam Alert: New Hanover County

The Sheriff’s detectives are investigating a new scam…here’s what to look out for: 

A victim received a call from a man claiming to be associated with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office. He tells people that he has arrested an employee of the victim but will not say the arrestee’s name…citing a HIPPA violation.  He waits until the victim suggests and employees name…then he confirms that that is in fact the person in custody. 

The victim was requested to wire bail money in the amount of $600 to Orlando Florida.

 Note: The arrest of ANYONE is public information and doesn’t violate HIPPA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

NEVER give out personal information to someone you don’t know who calls you on the phone. 

The Sheriff’s office says, “If someone calls you and asks for your personal information, ask for the caller’s name and department and then hang up.  Look up the phone number for the organization or business yourself and call back to verify that they are who they say they are.” 

“Keep a close eye on your accounts and read back and credit card statements carefully.  If you see activity that shouldn’t be there, let your bank or credit card company know right away.” 

Lets also state the obvious…anytime you hear “Money” and “Wiring”…RED FLAG! Wouldn’t the next question be…”why is my employee locked up in Orlando? Or…if you are the NEW HANOVER Sheriff’s office…why is your billing department in Orlando?

If you’ve been the victim of a similar scam, please contact the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, or your local law enforcement agency to file a report.



These scams seem to get more and more creative….interestingly though…I was surprised to hear that employers were so apt to offer up the names of their employees who they would *first* suspect of being arrested.

I wonder if any bosses just simply said, “Oh…So-and-So is in the slammer huh? Good…keep ’em there…and tell him he can’t mark this down as ‘Sick Time.'”






Fire Districts

There are two people who you need to get in touch with about your fire district rating…one is your insurance agent and the other is your local fire station.
You can search for your FPC (Fire Protection Class) on the Declaration Page of your homeowner’s insurance policy…good luck….

OR…get in touch with your EMS dept. for the most up-to-date ratings….

Your county’s Emergency Services (Fire) department will know the ratings of their fire districts…here are the county contacts:

New Hanover
230 Government Center Drive, Suite 130
Wilmington, NC 28403
PHONE: 910-798-7420
FAX: 910-798-7052

Website: http://www.nhcfirerescue.org/index.php (you can search for your district on their website)

Building C
3325 Old Ocean Highway
Bolivia, NC  28422

Phone: 910.253.5383
Website: http://emergencyservices.brunsco.net/Home/tabid/355/Default.aspx
605 E. Fremont Street
Burgaw, NC  28425
(910) 259-1210

Eddie King, Director: kinge2@pender-county.com
Charles Newman, Fire Marshal / Assistant Director: newmanc@pender-county.com
Tommy Batson, Deputy Fire Marshal: batsont@pender-county.com

Website: http://www.penderem.com/contact%20information.htm

608 North Thompson Street
Whiteville, NC  28472

Jeremy Jernigan, Director: jjernigan@columbusco.org
(910) 640 6610 voice

Kay Worley, Deputy Director: kworley@columbusco.org
(910) 640 6610 voice
Website: http://www.columbusco.org/DotNetNuke_2/Default.aspx?alias=www.columbusco.org/dotnetnuke_2/emergency

Department Head—Mitchell Byrd
(910) 862-6760

Website: http://www.bladeninfo.org/departments/emergency/index.html


I was hoping to give more county-specific information in this story…with more maps to show how much variation in the districts there are…but only New Hanover and Brunswick responded to my calls, questions and interview requests….(so high-five to those guys!)

Once you get your district’s rating from your fire station…find out when they were last  evaluated by the State Dept. of Insurance. Every district is on a 5 year evaluation plan…HOWEVER…districts can make a request to the state to be re-evaluated sooner. If they have recently put in a fire hydrant somewhere or if they have added a truck, etc….its likely that they will make that request…and so it’s likely your district’s rating will change sooner then scheduled.

Here is a list of what the *scheduled* re-evaluation periods are …(According to the NC Dept. of Insurance)…

I have a very nicely organized Exel document of this…it will not post in a blog so bear with me on the format ( I can email you the doc. if you’d like)

Take note:
1.    Ratings under a “6” I’m told will not change your fire protection cost….its when you move from a 9 to a 6 or 10 to a 7 for example that you will feel the impact. However, if you own commercial property…ratings under a “6” DO make a difference on your insurance costs.
2.    Districts are defined as 5 mile ROAD territory around a station (not a perfect circle).
3.    If you have a grade of 6/9S…that means that homeowners within 1000 ft of a hydrant get a class 6, but the ones > 1000ft and STILL within 6 miles from the fire station are a “9S.”
4.    If the grade is a 6/9E then homes within 1000ft of a hydrant are a class “6”…homes that are more than 5 or 6 miles are a “9E.”

Department    Re-Inspection     District Served    Rating
Ammon Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.    3/25/2013    Ammon    9E
Bay Tree Lakes V.F.D.    3/25/2013    Bay Tree Lake    9E
Bladenboro Fire Department, Inc.    3/25/2013    Bladenboro, Bladenboro Rural    7, 7/9S
Carvers Creek V.F.D., Inc.    3/25/2013    Carvers Creek    9E
Clarkton Fire Department    3/25/2013    Clarkton, Clarkton Rural    6, 6/9E
Dublin Fire Department    3/25/2013    Dublin    6
East Arcadia Fire Department, Inc.    3/25/2013    East Arcadia    9E
Elizabethtown Fire Department    3/25/2013    Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown Rural    5, 6/9E
Hickory Grove V.F.D., Inc.    3/25/2013    Hickory Grove    9E
Kelly V.F.D., Inc    3/25/2013    Kelly    9E
Lisbon V.F.D., Inc.    3/25/2013    Lisbon    9E
Tar Heel Rural V.F.D., Inc.    3/25/2013    Tar Heel    7/9E
Tobermory V.F.D., Inc.    3/25/2013    Tobermory    9E
White Lake Fire Dept.    3/25/2013    White Lake, White Lake Rural    6, 7/9E
White Oak Fire Dept.    3/25/2013    White Oak    9E

Department    Re-Inspection     District Served    Rating
Bald Head Island Fire Dept.    7/21/2011    Bald Head Island    6
Boiling Springs Lake V.R.D.    7/25/2011    Boiling Springs Lake    4/9E
Bolivia V.F.D., Inc.    6/23/2013    Bolivia    7/9E
Calabash Fire Dept., Inc.    3/19/2014    Calabash, Calabash Rural, Carolina Shores    4, 5/9E, 4
Civietown V.F.D., Inc.    10/8/2013    Civie Town    6/9E
Grissettown-Longwood Fire & Rescue, Inc.    7/20/2011    Grissettown Longwood    5/9E
Leland Volunteer Fire/Rescue Dept., Inc.    1/27/2014    Belville, Leland, Leland Rural    6, 6/10, 6/9E
N.W. Volunteer Fire/Rescue Dept., Inc.    7/25/2011    Northwest    9E
Navassa V.F.D.    7/24/2011    Navassa      9/10
Oak Island Fire and Rescue Dept.    7/18/2011    Oak Island    5
Ocean Isle Fire Dept.    12/8/2013    Ocean Isle Beach & Rural    4, 4/9E
Shallotte Fire Dept.    7/20/2011    Shallotte, Shallotte Rural    4, 4/9E
Shallotte Point V.F.D., Inc.    7/20/2011    Shallotte Point    6/9E
Southport Fire Dept.    7/18/2011    Southport, Southport Rural    4, 4/9E
St. James Fire Dept., Inc.    7/27/2011    Saint James, Saint James Rural    5, 5/9E
Sunset Beach Fire Dept.    7/19/2011    Sunset Beach, Sunset Beach Rural    5, 5/9E
Sunset Harbor & Zion Hill V.F.D., Inc.    7/26/2011    Sunset Harbor Zion Hill    5/9E
Supply Volunteer Fire Dept., Inc.    7/26/2006    Supply    9E
Tri-Beach V.F.D., Inc.    8/1/2013    Holden Beach    5
Waccamaw V.F.D. and Rescue Inc.    7/27/2011    Waccamaw    9E
Winnabow V.F.D., Inc.    7/24/2011    Winnabow    9E
Yaupon Beach V.F.D., Inc.    7/18/2006    Cawell Beach, Yaupon Beach Rural    5, 5/9E

Department    Re-Inspection     District Served    Rating
Acme-Delco Riegelwood Fire & Rescue    8/30/2010    Acme Delco, Riegelwood    6,4
Bolton Volunteer Fire/Rescue Dept., Inc.    11/8/2010    Bolton    9E
Brunswick V.F.D., Inc.    12/6/2010    Brunswick    7/9E
Buckhead V.F.D., Inc & Rescue Squad    11/8/2010    Buckhead    9E
Cerro-Gordo V.F.D. & Rescue    11/16/2010    Cerro-Gordo    9E
Evergreen V.F.D.    11/15/2010    Evergreen    9E
Fair Bluff Fire Dept. & Rescue Squad    11/15/2010    Coles, Fair Bluff    9E/5
Hallsboro V.F.D., Inc.    11/15/2010    Hallsboro    9E
Klondyke-Chadbourn Volunteer Fire Dept.    5/7/2014    Chadbourn, Klondyke    6, 6/9E
Lake Waccamaw Fire Dept.    11/9/2010    E. Columbus, Lake Waccamaw    6/9E, 6
Nakina Fire & Rescue Squad, Inc.    11/18/2011    Nakina    9E
North Whiteville V.F.D.    11/16/2010    North Whiteville    9E
Old Dock/Cypress Creek V.F.D & Auxiliary    11/9/2010    Old Dock/Cypress  Creek    9E
Roseland V.F.D.    12/6/2010    Roseland    9E
St. James V.F.D., Inc    11/8/2010    St.James    9E
Tabor City Fire Dept.    12/7/2010    Tabor City, Yam City    5,5/9E
White Marsh-Welches Creek Community V.F.D.    11/10/2010    Welches Creek    9E
Whiteville Fire Dept.    11/17/2010    Whiteville    4
Williams Township Commuity Fire Dept.    12/7/2010    Williams Township    9E

New Hanover
Department    Re-Inspection     District Served    Rating
Carolina Beach Fire Dept.    1/29/2013    Carolina Beach    5
Castle Hayne V.F.D., Inc    1/29/2013    Castle Hayne    6/9E
Federal Point Fire-Rescue, Inc.    1/29/2013    Federal Point    5/9S
Kure Beach V.F.D.    10/17/2013    Kure Beach    5
Myrtle Grove V.F.D., Inc.    1/29/2013    Myrtle Grove    5/9S
New Hanover County Fire Dept.    1/29/2013    Highway 421 North    5/9S
Ogden V.F.D., Inc.    1/29/2013    Ogden    5/9E
Wilmington Fire Dept.    1/29/2013    Wilmington    2
Wrightsboro V.F.D., Inc.    1/29/2013    Wrightsboro    6/9E
Wrightsville Beach Fire Dept.    1/29/2013    Wrightsville Beach    4

Department    Re-Inspection     District Served    Rating
Atkinson Fire Dept.    4/18/2013    Atkinson    9E
Burgaw Fire Dept.    11/17/2013    Burgaw, Pender Central    5/9S, 5/9E
Hampstead V.F.D., Inc.    4/18/2013    Hampstead    7/9E
Long Creek-Grady V.F.D., Inc.    4/19/2013    Long Creek-Grady    9E
Maple Hill V.F.D., Inc.    4/18/2013    Maple Hill    9E
Penderlea Fire Dept.    4/18/2013    Penderlea    9E
Rocky Point V.F.D., Inc.    4/18/2013    Rocky Point    9E
Shiloh-Columbia V.F.D., Inc.    4/18/2013    Shiloh-Columbia    9E
Sloop Point V.F.D., Inc.    4/18/2013    Sloop Point    9E
Surf City Fire Dept.    4/15/2008    Surf City    6
Topsail Beach Fire Dept.    4/18/2013    Topsail Beach    5

According to the Dept. of Insurance…insurance agents are automatically notified through ISO (www.ISO.com) about ratings changes that will affect their client’s policies. Theoretically, when their customers renew…they automatically qualify for the reduced rates. When I first heard that homeowners automatically qualify I though…not much of a story here…


After speaking with a handful of local homeowners who had no clue what I was talking about… who are living in areas that had a class change but weren’t notified…it seemed like a good topic to get the word out on.

Then, when a homeowner’s insurance agent told me they were concerned that people would be calling up asking for years worth of rebates…I figured this was DEFINETELY something to discuss…its YOUR money and if the rate was lowered…I do believe you should be compensated for years of overpaying.

The Dept. of Insurance says it more probable that there was simply a disconnect along the communication line. They say if a Fire Chief does not notify them about an early re-evaluation or paper work gets mixed up, etc. etc….there may be a delay in your agent’s response to lowering your rate.

Robert McIver attests to this…and I know he loves being the money-saving messenger…his face nearly lights up when he talks about saving people’s premiums…and how many people does THAT happen to?!

Robert says he used to receive notices from the fire department when their district ratings had changed…but no longer does.

WHOMEVER is responsible…this is something that YOU can stay on top of…its YOUR cash after all.

The Dept. of Ins. told me that if you were not notified of a ratings change when you renewed, you ARE entitled to your money back on those lower premiums. If you are having trouble with your agent/provider….they say you should file a complaint with their department….call 1-800-546-5664.

A little more about the specific ratings….

The best rating you can get…a “1”…those are few and far between. In fact, I believe there is only one of them in NC (not in our area). So the city of Wilmington takes top honors coming in at a “2.” Robert McIver says they should be very proud of that because they are so hard to get.

On the other hand, there are rural areas, like in Brunswick County, that come in at a 9 or a 10. Does this mean that if you live in those areas no one is coming to help you if your house is on fire?


Scott Garner (B.C. Fire Marshall) says that when a call comes in from those areas…the surrounding districts are alerted and aid goes out from the nearest station. And STAY TUNED Brunswick County because Scott says that there are some significant changes coming in the near future to a handful of your districts.

Getting a top rating is something that’s a continuous goal for ALL of these districts.  Funding plays a big part in how successful they may be…and in this economy…money isn’t at ANYONE’S disposal. Figure that each of those trucks costs $800,000 or so…if that’s the difference in your station moving up in a ratings class…even if a station’s team are world class fire squashers…. without ample coins in the coffer…that truck will have to wait and so may the higher rating.

The fire officials I spoke to said that they are constantly working on the upgrades….and lucky us….its all to our benefit.

A few final words about our fire departments….

I’ve been working on this story for over one month. Previously….I knew very (VERY) little about fire departments except the obvious. I had no idea just how MUCH they do. If there is a car crash, a house fire, a medical emergency…they are always there because they’re first responders. Calls big and small…they are on it.

They go through countless of hours of training every year in order to respond to any type of situation. If they are not AT the fire…they are probably out somewhere training for one…

And they have a very deep sense of pride in what they do and a strong commitment to one another…and that’s very rare to encounter anymore.

So I hope that I’ve somehow made you more aware of where your  insurance $$ goes and how you might be able to save some.
I also hope that you will connect with your local fire station to learn about your rating and any future changes.

And I really hope that you will stop by that station soon…a handshake and a thank you for all the hard work…that really DOES pay off for all of us.