Need Your Input: Medical Insurance Headaches

I never check my mail unless I know that Netflix has sent me something…but yesterday I was less than thrilled to find a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield in my mailbox along with “The Gladiator.” 

I spent a good amount of time in the Emergency Room last week. The second my body felt better…a new nagging pain set in…thinking about how much it would all COST.

That’s a shame because the priority should be on getting well…not getting worried. I hate paying high premiums for my health insurance but I was happy to have it when I knew that my stay would be racking up an astronomical bill that I would not be able to pay myself.

I was SHOCKED to open the letter and find a note saying they did not think that my situation warranted “acute care”…and they will not be covering a DIME of my medical care. I’ll spare you the details…but there was no other way to describe my situation last week other than, “emergency.” If Blue Cross thought there was a wiser option for me…during an emergency…OTHER than the EMERGENCY ROOM…I would have loved to hear it.

I’ve spoken with some local care givers who told me that they are seeing more and more of this same situation…rejected claims. We talked at length about the impact that’s having on patients AND on doctors.

Personally…I’m now scared to go back to the E.R., even in an emergency, because I can hardly fathom getting stuck with ANOTHER huge bill.

I’m wondering if any of YOU have had a similar situation? Rejected claims with no explanation…



Laura Sinacori is headed out to the schools to learn more about the H1N1 outbreak. We can’t call it swine flue anymore…I guess that was hurting the swine industry. That will be her story tonight…so far they are telling us that about 100 kids have called out today.

We just had a newsroom debate over whether or not we would keep our own kids out if it was our school. My vote doesn’t really count…along with hospital bills, I *also* can’t fathom having kids…but considering how contagious the flu is, I voted ‘yes.’

I also just called to request the personnel records of Jessica Wishnask from New Hanover Schools. We have questions about any previous suspensions or incidences that may highlight some holes in the employment screening process. The second I get that…I’ll be passing it on to all of you.

If you remember the “Getting In” story from the fall where I began following a group of Seniors from Laney High as they go through the college admissions process…the big ‘reveal’ is coming up soon. I’m meeting with them this afternoon to get the final shots.

They’ve changed so much in just these months! Its been fun to watch their interviews from September and compare them to now. A lot has changed…their goals…their plans…their financial situations. They’ve jumped through so many hurdles…its been exhausting for them…and for ME! They pack more into one day them most people pack into a week…capturing all those moments has been quite a ride.

The results are in…look for that story next week.

And be safe this weekend. The “Click It Or Ticket” program is on in full force in the area…put ‘cher belts on!


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