Updates…and some free stuff….

First…some good news….

I received an email this morning…today only at your local Wilmington Arby’s you can get a free roast beef sandwich w/ the purchase of a soft drink. I think you will need to print off the little flyer I have and bring it in…so if you want it…just send me an email and I’ll forward it on to you…croman@wect.com.

I spent a large part of yesterday afternoon out in Leland at the former home of Jessica Bailey Wishnask…the teacher who took “indecent liberties” with a 15 year old this past weekend. There wasn’t much in the police report…I still dont think we are sure what “indecent liberties” means…exactly. One can hypothesize…but in reality that could cover a variety of…’liberties.’

Lynda Figueredo will be following up with that today. We have a lot of questions about her teaching history. I tried to meet up with her husband (they are separated) yesterday…but he did not come home. Stay tuned…

Max was going to put a story together today about a group whose forming a MADD organization (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving)…but we just called and they said they’ve changed their minds…there is already an organization just like it here.

But really…today is going to be all Ms. USA, all day, all the time. The media gods here are constructing a jam-packed schedule to capture every moment. Fran will be doing a live interview and Claire will be there too.

I’ll be back with more later…but right now its time to caffinate…


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