Dirty, Dirty Diaper….company

Just got an email from Kathy Graham…chief Better Business Bureau guru…she sends a warning of a company that they’re getting a lot of complaints on.

Just wanted to give you a “heads up” on a company we have received a TON of complaints on – and so far they aren’t responding to us…..


 They promise a personalized diaper service of your favorite brands. You visit the web site each month and place your order for what brand and size you want in the shipment.Kathy says that complaints started 4/27/09. She says that people are saying they had great service until about April. 



Here’s their address:

PO Box 12574, Wilmington, NC 28405-0130

Phone: 910 399-1368 (I just called…no answer…no surprise)

 Kathy says they’re getting no where with this issue.

Get in touch…let me know if you’ve been affected.



  1. I was one that has been scammed by this company…would love to get updates on where you get with this company!

    • What happened to you? Send me an email: croman@wect.com

      Hey…*everyone*…when stuff like this happens to you….GET IN TOUCH!

      Right now…the FBI has been notified but it doesn’t sound like we’re getting much headway…I can’t get anyone on the phone and they used a P.O. Box…I can’t find their warehouse…..

      Do you have any names/addresses/phone numbers of people who you worked with at this company?

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