Diamonds Are Forever…And So Is Your Dead Body.

I had to go shoot the Strawberry Festival parade this weekend…Fran was the Grand Marshall.

I managed to make it through the crowd (I think ALL of Chadbourn was there..) with help from one of the organizers – Andy. Andy’s interests go beyond strawberries…he’s also part of a lineage of funeral home operators…a family biz. I couldn’t help but ask about what sorts of unusual things people requested for their “touch up” before the big debut…..

….did anyone ask for a major face lift?

…..breast augmentation?

…..lip injections?

Apparently the folks in Chadbourn don’t ask for any major enhancements in their funeral arrangements (unlike in CA and NY where I’ve read that people get implants and lifts post-mortum). He did say that there was a growing trend though on how people would like to be remembered…

As a solid piece of carbon.

A diamond.

Introducing….Life Gem. They will take your ashes and turn them into a diamond. This is no basement business….check out the options:

Color…blues, reds, greens, yellows, and now even colorless. They say its like “a sunset captured in time or a wave upon the ocean.”

Carats & Cuts: carat sizes range from .25ct to over 1.5ct.  Cuts are round, princess, or radiant, but other cuts may be available upon request.

Clarity: one of their clients said, “He was perfect, yet certainly not flawless.” Nice! I think that’s there way of saying….our diamonds will have similar flaws to humanity. 


This is something that I guess you could then turn into a ring and give to your next wife….

KIDDING, kidding.

Who knew you could innovate the business of death? But what a great idea!

I hope they can mix me up with some filler…I doubt this body will generate much more than a 1/8 of a caret…but I’d like to spend eternity in something the size of the Hope Diamond.


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