Catch UP!…and Finding Humans.

Last Wednesday I was really looking forward to getting out of work early to go walk around in the sun shine…that was until WMBF, our sister station in Myrtle Beach called frantically, asking for back-up. Their brush fire was turning into a wild fire…

When Rob Ellis came to give us the afternoon weather run down, he pointed out the big green blob on the screen that looked like rain…it was actually a giant smoke cloud.

I packed up a set of gear and my sneakers and headed down 17S…not really knowing what to expect. Not too far into my trip I saw the giant cloud and when I arrived in M.B. that cloud was consuming the roads and seeping into my car.

WMBF was in organized chaos when I arrived around 6:30pm. They sent me to a golf coarse that was said to have caught on fire. I was alone, just me and my gear…and pretty nervous.

When I arrived they refused to let me on the property so I got all of my video from a nearby bridge which turned out to be the perfect viewing area. My tripod broke 5 min in but I’m still really pleased with what I was able to capture. I was there until 10:00 talking with local residents and watching the flames flare up, then die down then burst up again.

I met up with a crew from WMBF near 11 to give them the video…then turn back up the highway to make it back to ECT. I was very fortunate that the fire did not cut off the highway I was on and trap me in between!

The fire…now almost one week later…is 98% contained. The crew at WMBF is breathing a sigh of relief…I dont think some of them went to bed for a few days…


When I came back on Friday I covered the story about the Brunswick County woman whose 16 year old son with severe mental disabilities was left at Greenfield Park by his aids at S. Brunswick High.

I’m very frustrated that not a single person at South Brunswick High OR the Superintendent’s office returned my phone calls and emails.

I talked with Lucy Crockett at the WPD to get more background on the incident. Apparently the bus took off without Tad and a mother at the park noticed and went to catch up with the leaving bus. The mother told police that she was waving them down….and they waved back at her and pulled out.

Tad can barely speak. I will say though he has a HUGE personality that shines through! His inability to communicate though made it very difficult for the woman who found him to help him further. Thats when she contact WPD. The officer who picked him up called dozens of local schools to try to see if someone was missing their student. I believe he was with the officer for about 2 hours.

Finally, he made contact with Brunswick and Tad was returned.

The next morning, after Pamela called me, school officials came to the house to talk to her about the incident. She said they had very little to say…just that everything was “under investigation.” She said that when a reporter from The Brunswick Voice arrived…they stood up and left.

Superintendent Katie McGee did not return my phone calls or my email but she did send a list of the employees who have been suspended. I’ve been told by Pamela that they are still getting paid.

I’ve also received emails from people who have either hired or worked with some of the people who were suspended. Lets just say they had less then kind words….

Again, no one from the school district has made an attempt to get back to me with a response on either their, or their employee’s behalf.


Here’s a site I can’t get enough of:

I *loathe* calling any customer service number. Even when the prompt you to enter in all your identifying information in advance (“to faster serve you”) you always end up repeating it… always end up having to listen to that horrid waiting music….you always have to endure the “count down” of minutes until you are services….you have to listen to the little machine tell you how excited they are to have your business….it takes forever!


I just want…a human.

Here’s how to get one….

OK, so isn’t exactly a person either…but it will help you find out how to get a hold of one at most of the major companies you call. The site lists company names, their phone numbers and instructions on how to bypass their menus.

I used this on Bank of America…who is frequently rated the WORST in customer service. They recently “lost” my $300+ deposit. I actually put off calling them because of how long and dreadful navigating their phone system is. I often wonder if this sort of hoop-jumping is intentionally….to keep complainers at bay? Anyway, gethuman says to just press “0” when machine-lady starts yapping…..

Sure enough….I got right through to another lady…this one had a heart beat. Total phone time: 5 minutes. I estimate it would have been at least 15 if I had done things by punching the digits.


Check it out!


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