How To Turn A Red Light… Green

I tried to pitch this today as a fun story idea…it sank like a lead balloon.

So I’ll share it here.

I found this video: How To Trigger Traffic Lights. Finally! An answer to how to get across Wilmington in less than three hours!

Traffic lights are controled by “inductive-loop traffic detectors”…sexy title, I know. Next time you happen to be playing in traffic…take a look at the roadway at an intersection. Notice what appear to be thin lines that are tarred over or imbedded into the thick white strip at the end of a lane. These are sensors in the roadway. When a big hunk of aluminum, steel and titanium (i.e. your car) drives up, the conductance between the metal and the detector send a message to the light that cars are waiting…turn green…or at least…hurry it up and turn green.

This is why it drives me insane when people  chose to stop ten feet away from that white strip. Its also the reason why I stop ON the strip. Its my little way of saying “LIGHT. I’M HER, get a move on.”

According to the road warrior in this video…there is a scientific way to ‘enhance’ your conductive presence at a light…which may be especially helpful to people who drive small cars, mopeds, motorcycles or bikes…that dont have enough of the conductive material to trigger these loops.

He says to take two neodymium magnets and mount them underneath your ride using heavy-duty exterior mounting tape. You can buy those magnets online. The magnets just need to be perpendicular to the road.

Once mounted…you will dominate the road-way electromagnetic field by boosting your vehicle’s conductance.

He says you will save time and money on fuel.

Can’t lie…I’m dying to know if this works. Can you even imagine the possibility of getting through the Oleander/College Road exit in less than ten minutes?!


If you try it…you have to let me know. You’ll be the coolest guy in your carpool for sure.


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