Dump Day (Week)

Just got back from the Brunswick County landfill (hee haw!) where they are having a free dump week.

That’s right folks..bring yer old fridges, yard waste, trinkets and treasures and Brunswick County will  help you dispose…minus the tipping fee.

Talked to Chief Trash Enforcer John Potter (his truck’s license plate says so..) and he said that many people will deal with their garbage by stashing it in the woods or behind buildings because they dont want to pay to take care of their own trash. This creates impromptu dumps in public places and worse…out there in once-pristine mother nature.

Reason why the free dump weeks are a great thing to take advantage of. John says that these bi-annual opportunities are intended to help keep the community clean.

Trucks were lined up when I got there…everything from old microwaves to very…very….VERY old mattresses (yikes).

I asked John about recycling…it was disheartening to see all those appliances lying around…thinking they were going right into the ground (well…Sampson county’s ground to be more specific…that’s where Brunswick hauls some of their household waste…and also where New Hanover County may be sending theirs depending on the outcome of their garbage issue….).

John says that the appliance metal goes to a metal scraper who can melt it down for reuse. I’m not sure what can be done for the mattresses that are circa 1980. The reality is that it probably goes into the landfill.

You’ll see that little piece tonight.


Last week, this week..and probably for a few more weeks I will spend much of my time doing the “daily turns” versus the investigative pieces. The May “book” is rapidly approaching…a period known as “sweeps” that important for ratings. The Media Gods at WECT have created a bunch of story ideas for the reporters to work on to make it a great May for all of you…and while they are out and about trying to get that done, I’ll be helping out where needed.

Its certainly a different world on the “daily” side. My first opportunity to do pieces on Easter Egg hunts and landfills thats for sure. Truely, its a great mental break!


A little tid-it about my story on Friday night about your State tax returns. Representative Danny McComas said that if the State doesn’t pay you by May 31st (I believe that means…they have to cut the check by then…not that its in your bank account by then…). If they dont….they will pay YOU interest on your return. That’s actually a State statute.

If you filed earlier, you should either have your return or it will arrive shortly. If you STILL have not filed (c’mon everyone!) they yes, its very likely that you’ll be waiting 6-8 weeks. Returns operate on a first-in, first-out basis.


Keep me updated if you’ve been waiting longer than 8 weeks…..


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