Monday Fun-Day

We just received word from Bladen that eight homes were hit. Lynda and Fletcher are on their way….

I just got back from the City budget meeting. They reviewed 5,10 and 15% budget reduction plans. It looks like no matter how they cut it…there is going to be belt-tightening around critical service programs…like public safety.

Mayor Saffo spoke to me about “trimming the fat”…or rather…how there wasn’t really any fat to trim. He says they are down to the meat as is, and that these reductions mean that yes, personnel reductions in things like traffic patrol and even temporarily shutting down fire stations…this is our reality. Questions were raised about the effect in response time, etc.

The Fire Chief and Police Chief  (WPD) were there to answer questions about how these changes will affect them. The Power Point presentation showed that the bulk of their department’s budget…near 50%…

In effect…cutting the budget means cutting out jobs. Final details have yet to be hammered out…this was just a work session. We’ll keep you up to date and I will try to get a copy of the Power Point presentation up on the web so you can see the all of the details.


Here is my interesting blurb of the day……thank you Steven Levitt.<!– — Updated: 2:40 pm –>

Cellphone Calls Fail to Crash Airplanes

Well…doesn’t that make everything that your stewardess told you about cellphones…not true. Of course…they also say that you must turn off your Ipod while taking off and landing…because that TOO is a safety concern. They say that in the event of an emergency…I would be distracted. Dear madam…in the event that the wings of the plane are on fire, the cabin is flipped upside down…or we are sinking into the Atlantic…I do have full faith in my ability to…. take note…and turn off Metallica.

But I digress…

What will be interesting to see…is if struggling airlines decide to adopt the cellphone to lure business customers with the promise of ‘doing business’ everywhere. What would the reaction be? Would YOU avoid an airline if there was cellphone usage on-board?

I get flight-rage enough when I find myself trapped between two newly-weds….a high school sports team…or an unhappy baby. No, I don’t think I could endure spending 4 hours next to Chatty Cathy.

Technology is indeed amazing though…technology giveth cell phone…and technology taketh away….

Here is a Personal Cell Phone Blocker where for just about $30….you can make you world… go mute. Note: I have no idea if THIS thing interferes with a plane’s technology so if you cause your plane to go on a roller coaster ride…you cannot say, ‘The reporter told me to do it.’

Check out the link…it recommends this for classrooms and buses. I recommend it on dates.



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