On CLEARANCE Now: Police Cars, Slot Machines, Stolen Jewelery

Reuters had an article by Tom Ryan about how cash-strapped municipalities have created their own take on Ebay to make up for missing revenue. (“Cash-hungry U.S. states turn to Web to auction goods“)


These types of auctions used to happen in parking lots…now they’ve moved online. Of the 48 states that are currently struggling with a deficit…so far there’s been a record of $ucce$$ with this idea:

–>Tampa put $300K in the bank from the sale of a 1978 Piper police airplane.

–>Alabama made about $3 million in Jan/Feb of this year selling confiscated bikes at $270 a pop, among other things.  (I dont know how great of a deal THAT is…I mean…you can get a state of the art Mongoose in pink with pom-pom handle bars for about $30 at Wal-Mart…….;-)

–>Austin pocketed $388,100 on confiscated slot machines.



Interested in getting your OWN state-of-the-art VOTING MACHINE?! Well then…log on to www.govdeals.com and start your bidding! There are some great deals on exercise equipment and furniture.


I’m in line for a 1988 Broce Broom street sweeper…for the sheer enjoyment of seeing all other cars move to get out of my way…and have preferential parking downtown….I have YET to see the parking leprechauns (they DO seem to come out of nowhere…) slap a fat ticket on a street sweeper.


Happy Friday everyone! I’ll be locked in the dark inside the edit bay all day working on the last sweeps story of the month….coffee donations are welcome….


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