More Boswell Capital Bull-

The piece I did on Boswell Capital seems to have opened the flood gates on victims emailing in to share their stories. To recap: Boswell is a “lending firm” who says their address is 2002 Eastwood Road in Wilmington…they’ve been making calls in our area for customers…the basic premise: you send in a sizable “collateral” and you will later get your loan. They say the collateral is for “high risk” clients and its paid in the form of a MoneyGram…to Canada. Conveniently…MoneyGrams are almost impossible to trace and the process of tracing and getting your funds back in the event of fraud takes months.


It seems the report has spread across the country…I’m now getting emails from all over the place….Here’s another victim:

I saw your report on Boswell Captial Group. This place is a scam. I was taken for $900.00 I live in Tremont, IL and I have personally spoken to 2 other victims one in California and one in Indiana. This scam is huge and it spans several states, from my research their have been victims in IL, Ohio, California, Missouri, and Virginia! There are probably hundreds of other people that have been scammed that probably don’t even realize it yet!

What makes this case so difficult to pursue is that the company is based in Canada which means that our Federal Government is likely to be hesitant to pursue it. What victims have told me is that you have to file a complaint with your state’s Attorney General…in NC…his name is Roy Cooper…and here is is contact info:

9001 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-9001
Telephone: 919-716-6400 • Fax: 919-716-6750
Consumer Protection: 1-877-5-NOSCAM

If your AG gets enough complaints…they are more likely to pursue a case. Make those calls everyone!

If you receive a call from Boswell…let me know! And PLEASE…do not PAY money to RECEIVE money!

Keep me updated everyone.


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