BAN on Being Bald Like a Baby….

We just got out of our morning meeting where reporter Claire Simms brought up…a rather nontraditional report out of the greatest state in the nation….my home state….New Jersey.


Drum roll please…


“NJ considers ban on bare-it-all ‘Brazilian’ wax”

(thank you Beth DeFalco…AP News)

The NJ Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling is considering a ban on Brazillian waxes.  For a little background…a “Brazilian” is a “all-inclusive”…”all-encompassing”…”north, south, east, west and everything in between of the human lower hemisphere”….”full Monty”….waxing. If you can’t catch my drift…I suggest you google it. I’m sure the web has plenty of more descriptive information.


Brazilians…while they defy nature….have gained popularity. You can find the service at many salons. The ban was motivated by two woman who reported being “injured” in their pursuit for the baldest bottom.


No specifics were given on what that “injury” was…whether wax related…skin related…or related to the sheer agony of the process….We do know that it was an infection…from what they didn’t say.

The woman have filed lawsuits. (Lawyers were lined up down the block to take the cases…they did NOT say….)

Genital waxing has never actually been allowed..but since it was never banned…regulation has gone by the wayside.

If you are a major advocate of the bare and bald phenomenon…you should know that the hot wax can irritate or tear the oh-so delicate skin in that, er, region.  The result…infection, ingrown hairs and rashes.  Probably not what you were hoping your $60 investment would buy you….


The popular service could mean a drop in business for salons. (Maybe they should start selling sarongs for beach-goers since the skimpy pool-side gear may no longer be feasible….)

One salon owner said that  customers would likely travel across state lines to have their hair-down there ripped off from their body. She even said….that some people….may resort to doing it themselves………(OH MY.)


To keep yourself safe….ask your resident salon waxer if they’ve had any training. Ask how YOU need to tend maintenance on the project…including regular cleaning and any creams, lotions or potions that can prevent infection. Also consider a “test” run…wax a small portion and see how your skin reacts…BEFORE you go completely commando…..

Also ask others their experience. Salons need to maintain a clean working environment which is challenging given the amount of foot traffic….hair…and chemicals they’re filled with. Check out the salon in advance…use your best judgement.


NO my friends….this story did not gain approval in the morning meeting…but it should give you good conversation fodder in your offices today…and something to think about if you are considering…dah dah daaaa…THE BRAZILLIAN.


If you’re thinking about it…I admire your bravery….

If you’re thinking about doing it yourself….you have my condolences…….


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