Food Labels Are…COOL

As of yesterday…the COOL (Country of Origin Labels) came into effect. Now when you go to the grocery to pick up your beef, lamb, pork, fish, “perishable agricultural commodities (…I think this is the government’s way of saying ‘fruits and vegetables’ ??) and peanuts…they should all have a sticker telling you which part of the globe they came from.


This decision has been delayed and rehashed since 2002. In last year’s Farm Bill they made some additions….you will also benefit from knowing where your chicken, goat meat, ginseng, pecans and macadamia nuts come from.


Phew. I’ve always wanted to know where my goat meat came from. Life’s unanswered questions….


One might ask….”Well, who cares?”


If there is a contamination problem…lets say….the FDA sends a warning that all Serrano peppers from Mexico turn your eye balls inside out…then the Serrano peppers on the shelves can be sorted out and traced back to their origin…faster. It also allows foodies to exercise their particular prefrences. For instance…perhaps you will only eat lamb from New Zealand.


Or you can take out personal gripes…….I can’t eat food from Sweden or Canada….because they beat the US in the 2006 hockey Olympics. Over the years that mild grudge from the ice has turned into a downright allergic reaction!


I haven’t been to the grocery yet this week…but word from the FDA is that the labels are on the shelves now…would someone let me know? I’m interested to see how “global” my food is. I wonder if I can add some status to conversation now…letting people know…”Well….I really have a strong predilection for Holland tomatoes….only.”


Another benefit for some folks…who are jumping on the “local” revolution….if you are trying to eat near your zip code (for environmental/health/economic/anti-“The Man” reasons or what have you…)…this will certainly help your efforts.


Chow down everyone.


And here’s to better luck NEXT Olympic hockey season.


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  1. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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