Phone Scam WARNING

Kathy Graham from the Coastal Carolina Better Business Bureau just shot me an email with a warning to Wilmington (and surrounding area) consumers.

A woman here got a call from (506) 221.4562. That number traces back to Canada.

She was asked if she had a current credit card with 14% or more interest and a balance  of $5,000 or less…she did. Don’t ask me how they knew this. It could be a good guess….MANY people have high interest rate credit cards.

She was then asked for the particulars of her credit card (red flag!)…including its numbers. She refused…and the person hung up.

If ever you get a phone call like this or if you see on your caller ID that there is a number that is REPEATEDLY calling…but never leaves a message… the first thing to do is type in the number here:

This site is called the Directory of UNKNOWN Callers. I (unfortunately) seem to get a lot of these mysterious calls. First thing I do…punch it in this website…and up comes a listing of anyone else who is reporting unsolicited phone calls from that number. That way…you can screen your calls and not waste your minutes answering the phone five times a day. It would be great if you could BLOCK calls on your cell phone…think of how many unwanted relatives you could get rid of!…but for whatever reason…that doesn’t seem to be an option on cells yet.

I punched in this number and it looks like this company isn’t only in the business of trying to wipe off people’s credit cards…one person said they were asking her about her car’s warranty. 

There are a lot of urban legends that the government releases your number “to the public” periodically and that’s why we get these types of calls. I can’t confirm or deny that…the government doesn’t exactly call WECT news divulging their inner workings. What I think *really* happens…is that we inadvertently give out our numbers…and that number gets hustled around. For example, can you think of how many times you’ve filled out a basic personal information questionnaire online? Perhaps it was for gym membership information or a travel brochure. I would hypothesis that over time, our info (phone numbers/emails/addresses) diffuses out into the ethers…and into scammers databases.

Keep an eye, and ear out….


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