Its Like Summer In New Jersey Outside….

…reminds me of home.

Honestly, if you have palm trees…you have no right to have snow. I figured in moving here I was save and sound from the white stuff. I do find the reaction to the impending doom of flurries rather entertaining. Granted, Wilmington is not equipped with the gear to handle…flurries…which means that its not safe for our kids to be out and about…but I’ve never seen schools go on delays and closures…the day BEFORE. Its in the best interest of our kiddies though…and I’m sure that they appreciate it!

The GREAT news is…the apocalypse didn’t come after all.

It is ‘Severe Weather Awareness Week’ though. So says our weather guru Colin Hackman. Colin will have a piece on tonight…a refresher course on the ‘what-to-do’s’ of bad weather. I’ve yet to experience my first severe thunderstorm or hurricane in Wilmington….my fellow reporters tell me I’m in for a real treat….I’m currently working on my Human Kite impression for when they send me out onto the beach during a Category 4 to show you how dangerous it is! Colin’s words of wisdom are important to keep you and your family save…stay tuned for that tonight.

Crime reporter Lynda Figueredo will be running all over town today updating recent court cases. At noon she should have a report on the Gallagher’s autopsy. Gavin Johnson is looking into the accident this weekend that tragically killed a 21 year old girl as she was on her way to work. She was part of the a.m. crew at Starbucks in Mayfair…a location that is my weekend hangout when I go to read the paper. They’ve got a great crew over there…we are thinking about you all this week.

Tonight at 11 I have my report, “Inspection Rejection.” The General Assembly has created a Program Evaluation Division that chooses a handful of state-run programs to examine. I really commend the work they’ve done. Recently, the PED looked into our state’s automobile safety inspection program….there results have raised strong questions as to what exactly our drivers…and taxpayers are getting out of this program.

I want to be clear….this is in regards to the SAFETY inspection….not emmissions. I made the mistake of not making that destinction explicitly clear in my report on E-Stickers (yes…a reporter who admits an error..shocking!). Tonight I will post more details on that report and a link to where you can view it in its entirety. I believe its about 100 pages…a real page turner!


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