Thinking Outside of the TV Box

I’m probably not the only one who feels like being able to afford cable right now seems like a luxury. Affording cable in Wilmington seems to be even more of a luxury…I constantly hear gripes about Time Warner here.

There was an article in the New York Times Magazine about a month ago about Hulu…an online service that can help you cut your cable bill (or..get rid of it). The topic surfaced again on MSN’s Smart Spending Blog.

Allow me to introduce you. Thrifty watchers…meet Hulu.


The website delivers TV shows and movies from NBC, Fox and other studios.  Your trivia for the day…”Hulu” is Mandarin…a proverb that means “holder of precious things.” When you win big on Jeopardy…you can thank me now.


Personally, I really dont like watching TV and movies on my laptop. I spend enough time in front of my computer as it is. BUT…I also like to save money…now more than ever. Web providers like Hulu can at least give you a temporary way to save some $$. Lately I’ve been using Hulu to watch my favorite horror movie…news updates on the stock market. I follow that with some mind-numbing reality show and then its off to bed….


For the more cerebral among us…this is another great online find….much better than any show on the airwaves…..TED.

“Great talks” from some of the world’s best speakers. Bill Gates to “biochemist turned Buddhist monk” Matthieu Ricard.

Learn something…save cash…enjoy.


Tonight at 11pm I have my report on “Red Ink Tickets.” Here’s the gist: two researchers studied 14 years of traffic ticket data from every county in North Carolina. Their results: when local economies experience a downturn…the number of tickets being written goes up. They give an explaination as to why……..

I interviewed officials at both the Sheriff’s office and the WPD. I also picked up the work of the researchers from where they left off….their last year of data collection was in 2003. I asked both departments to give me their numbers since then….when the economy has really been sinking….what I found was that……..

……………you will have to watch at 11……………………….


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