As The Cookie Crumbles….

Some industries can be considered “recession proof” like health care, education…and funeral homes. I would also have considered the cookie sales for Girl Scouts of America to be another….


Because no one EVER buys just one box…and no one EVER eats just one cookie. Tag-a-Longs were meant to be eated in series of three….series of five if you’ve just broken up with your significant other….and entire rows if it was his fault. And its always his fault…

But Girl Scouts of America are seeing their sales crumbling (yuck, yuck) says USA Today: Cookie Sales Crumble.

They manufacturers are also downsizing…the report says that the number and size of the cookies inside each package have dropped.

I was a little surprised to see this….considering the powerful guerilla marketing techniques utilized by these little ladies….I cant recall many trips to the grocery store where they have not been out in force. Perhaps its time to bring down that price Scouts? When yours truly was selling Samoas…I think each box was $1.99? Inflation!

Good luck ladies. New Years Resolutions should be wearing off just about….now….so here’s wishing you a spike in sales!

Gavin Johnson is reporting live today from St. Mark’s Catholic Church on Eastwood Road. There was a memorial yesterday that had Eastwood backed up all the way to Market. The WPD…and the community…are showing an incredible outpour of support to the family and force. Today, we thank and remember you, Officer Richard Matthews.

More later….


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