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The looming responsibility of having to do my taxes this weekend is my muse for this entry today. Actually…I LOVE doing my taxes. I really enjoy that return. Now…I realize that I”m getting the return because I am “loaning” the government TOO MUCH money and they are so kindly handing it back. You’d think after years of business school that I would know how to adjust my deductions to get more out of my pay check….

Then again, there were a lot of things I anticipated getting out of my college education that never really happened…like a huge salary and six weeks vacation. One can dream….

I religiously use H&R Block. Not to plug the company too much…but I choose MOST services based on how quickly I can get a HUMAN on the phone. I never had much trouble with H & R.

Here are some other free tax services that you can use online:

Turbo Tax

* For people with adjusted gross incomes of $30K or less.

*Filing in North Carolina is free. If you’ve moved recently and have a return in another state, its $9.95 to add a state.

*Adding another state return costs $24.95.
* Additional states are $12.95.
*Be prepared to see advertisements to upgrade to their paid services. Their not overly irritating…but present.
*Uses an interview-like format
*Adding a state return will cost an extra $9.95.
For those of you who would prefer more human interaction….volunteers are out and about in Wilmington to help you work through the paperwork. Here is a link: Local Tax Help
They’ll be lending a hand until April 15th. Please note…they shut the door when they get 80 to 100 people through the door. On the day that I stopped by to check it out…at about 10:30 am they had already hit capacity. So if you go…go early.
They also had snacks….and a ping pong table….currently no online services are offering such….
Happy Friday everyone. If any of the links dont work, please let me know.

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