Early Day for the Newsroom

When a reporter gets called in at 2a.m., its inevitable that its very bad news. This morning was no exception. Gavin Johnson reported live this morning from Shipyard Boulevard where an officer careened off the road and hit a tree. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

I was headed to the gym and saw our live truck out there. When I pulled up to check on them, Gavin said that the WPD  officers were hesitant to give out much information since the family had not been notified. He said they were clearly shaken, having just lost a friend and a colleague.

I dont know too much about the inner sanctum of the police department…but I do know that public safety and service officials (whether it be police, fire rescue, EMS, etc)…they share a very unique, unwaivering commraderie. The officer lost this morning was responding for back-up…he was headed to help his fellow officer. Always there for eachother, any time, day or night…I imagine that’s the sentiment. Considering that committment to both their duty…and eachother…I can’t imagine their feeling of loss.

I don’t know…we don’t know…who the officer was yet. But I thank him for his service…for keeping me, my friends and this city safe. For the WPD and the family, you are in all of our thoughts today.

Gavin is waiting to hear back from Lucy Crockett as to when a press meeting will be held. I’ll do my best to keep you updated today.


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