Warning: Money Scam

I just got a phone call from a viewer who found some good news in his mail box…he won $150,000!!! –> Not likely. If you didn’t sign up to win a $150,000 lottery contest….if there aren’t balloons and a big check from Publisher’s Clearning House standing at your door…if money is STILL not growing on trees….than unfortunately…you can pretty much count on NOT being a winner.

PLEASE dont cash these checks! Here’s a little background on some of the most common scams:

The set up can vary… either they are buying something you offer…paying you to work at home…or giving you an “advance” on a sweepstake. But they all come to the same conclusion…you need to send money BACK to somewhere. you to wire money back.

You feel like a winner and deposit that check…it bounces…your now responsible for the FULL amount…including what you sent to the scammer. The checks look real but they’re fake…any banker will probably take them.

Here’s what to do: (1) Confirm the company or individuals name, street address, and telephone number; (2) never accept a check for more than your selling price (if thats the situation); (3) never agree to send or wire money back to ANYONE, ANYWHERE.  

Check out this site for more: OnGuardOnline.gov, and fraud.org. You should also report it to the FTC….202-326-2180.

The guy who called me this morning said he’d get back to me with all the details…I’ll post them here so you can look out for.

Sorry…but money still does’t grow on trees…and it doesn’t show up unexpectedly in your mailbox.

More to come….


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