Help Getting Health Insurance

I spent 6 months without health insurance, which I thought would be no big deal…I’m healthy and dont take prescriptions…the highest octain drug in my medicine cabinet is a few Calcium chews.

It WASN’T a big deal and I did enjoy saving a few hundred a month….until I got the flu and learned that the Z-Pack I had previously enjoyed for a cure…at a $5 co-pay now would cost $200 (just to see the doctor) plus another $100 if I needed a prescription. That’s a BEST case senario…what would have happened if I was really injured?

So in the midst of layoffs (or it what you will)…if you find yourself or your family without health insurance….make it a priority. Trust me…five years in a row of flu…two cases of bronchitis and allergies….I dont care how much hand sanitizer and ‘apples a day’ you eat….

Here’s some helpful advice from CNN:

A wealth of sources and advice. Hope this helps. If you find anything particularly useful…let me know.


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