Bad Business On The Rise, Says The BBB…

I hope the 401K report I did last night helped some of you. I hear personal stories frequently…people who have lost thousands in savings. Its easy to tell our company to pound salt and pull out your funds…thats what I wanted to do. Chris was blunt…he said, “Dont take it so personally…matching 401K’s are a BENEFIT…its YOUR responsibility to save for retirement.”

So there you (and I) have it.

If you’d like to get in touch with Chris. Here is his contact information:

Chris Dean, CFP, Raymond James Financial Services


I’d like to start producing more of these “news you can use” segments. If you have a money, consumer or legal question…let me know and I’ll do the research for you.

My friend Kathy Graham at the Better Business Bureau of Coastal Carolina sent me this email today…..

Complaints to Better Business Bureau up Seven Percent Nationwide


Cell phone industry, new car dealers and banks top the list for most complained about industries


According to their annual report…Americans filed almost 900,000 reports last year to the BBB. And when I say report…what I mean is…complaint. Thats a 7% increase over 2007.


And the WINNERS are…….


Cell phone companies…(no kidding)…complaints up by 9%.


New car dealers……up by 9%.

Banks…up 15%!



The good news is…they also have a high rate of resolving their complaints.


Industries with a decrease in complaints…internet services (-16%)  and furniture stores (-3%).


Trust me…if you are about to buy ANYTHING…check out They have a new grading system A-F thats a big help.


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