Video Tax?

I spoke with an official at the Department of Revenue today about that “North Carolina Video Sales Tax” I wrote about yesterday. She had the final numbers.

A LOT more of us must be usin cable and satellite service than I thought!!

Taxes generated off of satellite + Taxes generated off of cable = The North Carolina Video Sales Tax

And that total is…..$141,320,000 annually.

At the state level, a portion of that goes to PEG (public educational programming). Another percentage goes back to the counties (see yesterday’s post).

Its amazing how a relatively small fee (about $7 per bill) can ADD UP.

Which made me think about my personal savings. I should…we ALL should be saving more. It seems impossible when everyone is stretched so thin. But if I cut out the pack of gum I buy each week…thats about $100 per year (but who wants to see a reporter without perfectly white teeth and DoubleMint fresh breathe aye?).

On Monday…I’m hoping to put out a short segment on our savings. News you can use. What to do if your retirement savings accounts has suddenly snagged.

Expect to see much of the WECT crew at the Chocolate Festival this weekend (and then later at the gym).  A crew of us is also going to see “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

Consider yourselves warned men…I think the females are about to be enlightened……..


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