Moving Woes…

Weeks and weeks of research and interviews….set it all down today to write the script……

This is a story about a moving scam that blew all of our minds….if it doesn’t shock you…you should check your pulse. The story will air in early March….I cant give much of it away now…but I will tell you this…imagine you pack up your ENTIRE life….you hand it over to a moving company…and you never see it again…..

Stay tuned.

This is another interesting tid-bit I’m working on. I dont think it will turn into a story on air…but the question was posed so I did a little digging. Check out your cable bill ( Time Warner). If you have the “video” service you’ll see a fee called the “NC Video Sales Tax.”

A what?

I called the Department of Revenue to find out what the sales tax was for. The person who sent me an email asking…they pay about $7 per bill on this tax…over a year…that adds up…

DOI said that the tax goes first to the state…up to two million of the funds generated from this tax go to educational programming.  The rest…..that goes into the General Fund and can be used on anything. 

A percentage of the money goes back to your county. You can check out this link to see how much money your county…and your city get from this one tax alone:

The left column lists the county or town…the far right lists the total generated.

Like the state…counties have to use a proportion for public programming (if applicable). The rest they can use at their descretion.

Tomorrow I”m going to follow up with the state to find out how much the state receives in total from the tax.

There are A LOT of these fees around and when you pay attention to your bills you might want to start asking these questions. Is there anything you can do about it? Well…I dont think so (dont get these videos?). The point is…when you sign up for services…when you pay a bill….pay attention….you can become a more aware and empowered consumer the more you know about these fees…these taxes…

If something really gets your blood boiling….you can always call your Legislators…they make the call on the implimentation of these taxes.

If you have a fee you’d like me to look into….send it my way!


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